About Us:

The Rotary Burlington North Furniture Bank is a community outreach program that's organized and operated by a team of volunteers. Our goal is to help people make a fresh start after leaving a crisis situation. We collect donations of gently used furniture items from people living in Burlington, store them at a central location, and then make them available to people who don't have the means to buy their own furniture. We don't charge for furniture collection, nor do we charge the people or agencies that receive the furniture.

Since its inception in 2020, the Rotary Furniture Bank has helped over 150 families start a new life with the comforts of home that many of us take for granted. In the past 4 years we have collected and donated over 2000 furniture and household items to people in need!   

An important secondary goal of the Rotary Furniture Bank is to help divert waste from our landfills and reduce the environmental impact of producing new furniture items. Rotary International and its 1.4 million members throughout the world are committed to supporting activities that strengthen the conservation and protection of natural resources.      

Who We Help:
The Rotary Furniture Bank supports women and children leaving shelters, people transitioning from homelessness, refugees and people in economic distress. These individuals are in a vulnerable position and do not have the means to buy new or used furniture. 
We work directly with aid and social assistance agencies throughout the region. All of our clients are referred to us by an agency.  Individuals looking for furniture items cannot make an appointment directly with Rotary Furniture Bank. The families we help must be referred by one of our agency partners.
“I've been involved with the Rotary Burlington North Furniture Bank since its inception, and it has truly opened my eyes to how serious and how common extreme furniture poverty can be. A mother and child fleeing violence, or a family fleeing a country at war are both circumstances where losing everything can result with people sleeping on the floor and unable to afford furniture. Collecting gently used furniture and donating it to those in need is completely life changing."
Clinton Howell,
Co-Founder Rotary Furniture Bank
President - Rotary Burlington North 2023-24
"I was able to pick out what I needed from a database online. It was so great to be able to pick out my own furniture!It was a very seamless experience and reminded me why I love this City and the people so much."
Furniture Recipient
"Kate and her team have played an integral role in the positive transition from shelter to home for our clients. The support we've received from Rotary Furniture Bank over the years has helped so many of our clients truly make their first house a home. Starting fresh is always difficult but having the support of Rotary Furniture Bank has left our clients with a sense of ease every time they depart shelter."
Case Worker - Embrave 
"RAD and its clients want to genuinely thank Rotary Furniture Bank for their impactful contributions. It's more than just furniture; it's a heartfelt gesture of warmth and support that truly makes a positive difference in the community. Your support is the key  to helping newcomers build a brighter future and creating a community that spreads the message of care and compassion. Thank you for your ongoing support!"
Caseworker - Resources. Advocacy. Distribution
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