Agency Referrals
Given the limited resources available to operate the Rotary Furniture Bank, we rely on the professional efforts of social assistance agencies to refer clients to us that are in need of furniture.  Support Agencies are expected to vet the needs of clients receiving the furniture donation and help to coordinate the collection of requested items. 
The steps below outline the process we use to direct furniture items to people in need through support agencies: 
The Referral Process

1)  The Client or the Support Agency completes our online Furniture Request Form.  The Furniture Request Form can be found by clicking the button below: 

2)  The client reads our Waiver and agrees to release Rotary Furniture Bank of all possible liability. Click the box below to access the Waiver: 

3) A Representative from the Rotary Furniture Bank contacts the Support Worker at the Agency to review the Client's needs and confirms if we are able to currently fulfill their request for a furniture donation.

4)  The Rotary Furniture Bank provides the Client with a link to our furniture inventory via email.  Photos of all available items are listed in an app called "Bublup". 

5)  The Client selects the items they wish to receive by clicking on the heart icon in Bublup.

6)  The Support Worker arranges a pick-up date with the Client's movers and Rotary Furniture Bank. Pick up must take place within 4 weeks of item selection.

7)  A Representative from the Rotary Furniture Bank and the movers meet at our storage location in Burlington to transfer the items selected by the Client.     
8)  After the client has picked up their items, they will no longer have online access to our inventory of furniture items and cannot be referred back to us again. Our goal is to help as many people as we can with their urgent furniture needs.