Club History
The Rotary Club of Burlington North received its charter on November 18, 1994 from District Governor Bert Grapes.  The club was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Burlington Central.  The first club executives included John Stairs (Charter President), Brian Gould, Ron Luxon, George Robertson, Jay Thomblison, Bill Bastien, John Marshall, Duncan McPhail, Owen Peat, Jewitt Parr, Leslie Waychison and Bob Elstone.   Club meetings were first held at the Burlington Holiday Inn followed by the Springer House, Millcroft Golf Club and currently back at the Holiday Inn.
The club has supported charitable projects in Kenya, Haiti, Mexico, India, The Dominican Republic, Guatemala and locally in the Burlington community.  Global projects have focused on providing gardens for nutrition and income, solar lights/water filters/sanitation/fresh water/dental care for rural villagers, school transportation, educational materials, technology for children, and fighting Polio throughout the world.  In the local community, the Salvation Army, Food4Life, Start2Finish, Burlington Food Bank, Rotary Burlington Music Festival, Pythons Pit, Shifra House, Bethany Residence, Carpenter Hospice, Woodview Mental Health and the Joseph Brant Hospital have received funds or benefited from the volunteer efforts of the club.  The club works closely with youth and young adults by sponsoring the Interact Club at Nelson High School & Frank J. Hayden Secondary School, and the Burlington Rotaract Club. 
Over the years, the efforts of all past and present Rotary Club of Burlington North members have made a tremendous positive impact globally and in our community.  We appreciate their dedication to making the world a better place.
Club Presidents
John Stairs - Charter President:  1994/95
(District Governor 2004/05)
Doug McCann:  1995/96
Leslie Waychison:  1996/97

John Barratt:  1997/98
Fred Sweeney:  1998/99
Victor Lesnicki:  1999/2000
Lexie Tynan:  2000/01
Rick Kaufman:  2001/02
Brian Gould:  2002/03
Ray Trask:  2003/04
Joe Richardson:  2004/05
Doug McCann:  2005/06
Cam Bright:  2006/07
Vipan Maini:  2007/08
Pat Riley:  2008/09
John Zinke:  2009/10
Deborah Harasym:  2010/11
Leon Denbok:  2011/12
Frank Strauss:  2012/13
Kate Johnston:  2013/14
Chris Byrnes:  2014/15
Tom McLeod:  2015/16
Sandhya Maini:  2016/17
(District Governor 2022/23)
Thomas Laube:  2017/18
Lee Thorogood:  2018/19
Mary Brady:  2019/20
Ralph Sprague:  2020/21
Clinton Howell:  2021/22
John Lintack:  2022/23
Clinton Howell:  2023/24
Mary Brady:  2024/25
Thomas Laube:  2025/26